Galaxy Driving School

We are a driving school offering learners and driving lessons that will teach you how to safely operate a motor vehicle and become a skilful driver in a wide range of driving environments.

Learner’s License

Enrolling for your learner’s license with 
Galaxy Driving School!

Light Motor Vehicle

Galaxy Driving School offers a variety of driver’s license packages
From Code 8.

Heavy Motor Vehicle

From Code 10 to Code 14 Galaxy Driving School  got you covered.

Why Choose Galaxy Driving School?

No two students are alike. Some are eager for the challenge; others need a little encouragement. Some think they're born to drive; others have had their confidence shaken by past failures.

Whatever your background, you need a driving instructor who understands what you have to do to pass your driving test.

Our instructors know how to get the best out of learners. In short, they're thoroughly nice people with the patience to build confidence in students of all ages and levels of experience

Leaner's license Package

For only R650

Studying transportation for Booking and  day of testing.